#1 website I use to save money on Travel

    I am bursting to share with you all.  This is the number 1 way that I save on travel.  I go to this website before I go to any travel site.  I am talking about  This is my favorite way to save money.  Not only on travel but on all purchases.  A... Continue Reading →


Five ways to save on airfare

    When it comes to travel, I think the biggest hurdle for people is the airfare.  There's really no way around paying for that in full and you can't wait on it because ticket prices will go up.  Although, it's an upfront amount, there are a few ways to reduce the cost.    CONSIDER... Continue Reading →


    Alcatraz was one of my favorite things that we did in San Francisco and I didn't even want to do it originally.  My husband said it was his must see and since I had already drug him all over the was only fair.  Take one for the team.     TIP:  Buy... Continue Reading →

As One Adventure Ends…..

Another begins.  These are my children and they are all adults now. Sniff.  I was a VERY young mom and a single mom for most of their childhood.   Amid work, housework, laundry, sports practice, sports games, cheerleading etc etc, I would dream of a world unseen. I, eventually, remarried and we blended our families... Continue Reading →

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