Loss and Realization

Yesterday, with tears in my eyes, I watched Notre Dame burn.  I couldn’t look away.  I watched video after video and read articles about the fire and the urgency.  I reread articles about the gargoyles and the stained glass windows.  I felt the frantic fear and I watched in horror as the spire fell.  Notre Dame was a bucket list item of mine.  I just KNEW that someday I would walk through that gorgeous cathedral and gaze at the beautiful stained glass windows.

I wondered why was this affecting me so deeply?  Why am I feeling so upset about a building that I have no experiences or memories with?  No connection to?

I believe the realization that this could happen again is what has affected me.  We believe that we have TIME and that we can go see these beautiful treasures and have these experiences LATER.  But there area no guarantees.  Natural disasters, fire, accidents, terrorism any of these could destroy the beloved “bucket list” monuments.

And why do we act as though we have so much time?  Anything could happen to any of us….today, tomorrow, next week.  I feel an urgency now (that I really should have had all along) to go DO!   Our time is fleeting and I do not want to look back at my life with regret.  I’m challenging myself to go DO.

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