The Acropolis has been a dream destination of mine for over two decades. I remember reading about it in high school history. It has always been fascinating to me. I marvel at how they were able to build it. It’s elevation is HIGH and the buildings are amazing.
I, FINALLY, got to go to Greece for my 40th birthday and at the top of my list was a visit to the Acropolis! I pretty much based our whole Athens stay around it. I made sure that we had a view from our hotel room. TIP: a HUGE amount of the city can see the Acropolis. It’s elevated and visible from a large amount of the city.
We arrived in Athens a little too late to have enough time at the Acropolis so we explored the Plaka neighborhood and relaxed. I was in AWE staring at the Acropolis. At night it is lit up and it truly looks magical. It was a beautiful backdrop for dinner and for a night time drink.
We took an Uber to Plaka and followed a sign that pointed to the Acropolis. We climbed some stairs that ended up going to some people’s homes. A gentlemen sitting in a chair on his front stoop said “that way!” when we passed. (I guessed he gets asked a LOT LOL) We finally reached the Acropolis but ended at a fence. Take a right and use the “scenic route” and go all away around. Takeaway-my sense of direction might not be the best!
The admission price is 20 euro. This will get you into several other historical sites for the next week. We didn’t have time to visit those sites. I swear I am going back to explore more. The first thing you see once you are on the grounds is the Theatre of Herrod Atticus. It was built by the Romans in 161 AD. I’ve read that they still do plays and concerts there but I’m not entirely sure that it is true. If it is then that experience needs to go on my bucket list.
Getting up close and personal with the ruins took my breath away and gave me goosebumps. The power and history there is unmistakable. They have been doing restoration work for 30 years and will probably continue for another 30. No line is the same or straight so it’s slow and careful work.
You enter through the Beule Gate. It’s a doorway with wrought iron doors. After you enter you will walk up the stairs of the Propylia. This was so cool to me. To be able to step on ancient stairs and walk where history has been made….. Once you are through you will see all of the buildings that make up the Acropolis Site. There is the beautifully preserved Temple of Athena Nike, the Partheon (which is considered the most sacred site of the ancient world, The Porch of the Caryatids at the Erechtheion (which has six columns of sculpted maidens instead of traditional columns), The Old Temple of Athena Polias (which dates to early B.C.). After you gaze in wonder and marvel at the ruins be sure to look at the amazing view of the city. The Acropolis is truly awe inspiring and a must do if you are anywhere near it.
Acropolis, Athens, Greece, birthday trip, ruins, bucket list, history

Acropolis, Athens, Greece, birthday trip, ruins, history
The view from our balcony





Acropolis, history, greece, athens, ruins, bucket list, birthday trip
Beule Gate-a dream come true!


Acropolis, Greece, travel, history, ruins
Acropolis, Greece, travel, birthday trip, explore, ruins, history


Acropolis, Greece, Athens, travel, birthday trip
View of Athens from the Acropolis




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