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Vegas Bachelorette Party on a Budget


Vegas Budget Bachelorette Party

One of my besties got married last year and we decided that Las Vegas was the perfect place for a bachelorette party! There’s a myth that Vegas is cheap…’s NOT but I have found a few ways to make it a little less expensive.
We flew on Allegiant. It’s a “budget” airline but I love it. In Austin, Allegiant flies out of a separate smaller terminal and I love that it reduces the amount of time you need to get through security. There’s even an outdoor patio with a food truck that you can relax in after you get through security. It’s called the North Terminal. It has a retro vibe that I love. The downside is that there is not really a bar and limited snacks and magazines to purchase.
A friend of ours goes to Vegas once a year and has signed up for the rewards from the casinos so she had an offer for a free room (since it was her birthday month) and reduced additional rooms. So the first night we stayed there. The next day we transferred to Marriott Grand Chateau because the bride’s future mother-in-law had points that she gave us. Pretty cool mother-in-law right? We got a suite which actually consisted of two apartments that were connected by a hallway. One suite was a two bedroom and the other was a one bedroom. It was perfect. We propped our doors open so we could all move freely around. I understand that not everyone has access to points for a suite but it highlights the power of points. Sign up for point and reward programs from EVERYONE!
TIP #1. get a promoter. This is key in Vegas. Promoters will help you get into clubs, so you aren’t standing outside in line waiting. They get you reduced rates and free stuff. For instance, one promoter got us into REHAB at Hard Rock for free, two free drinks and a daybed. A different promoter got us a bus that picked us up from the hotel, took us to Hustler’s (it was a bachelorette party LOL), picked us up at Hustler’s and then took us to Paris Casino. At Hustler’s we got free admission, one free drink and a reduced price bottle. At Chateau (which is the nightclub inside Paris-it’s under the Eiffel Tower) we got VIP admission, a VIP table, a free bottle and security! If you don’t know someone that goes to Vegas and knows a promoter there are other ways to find one. Get on Instagram and use hashtags, #vegaspromoter, #vegaspromoters, #vegasclubpromoters. You’ll see promoters posting and you’ll also see people tagging promoters in their posts. Shoot them a message and see what they can do for you.
TIP #2. Stay in a hotel off of the strip. Yes, we stayed on points but there is no way we could have gotten a suite like that on the strip for those points. We were one street direct behind Planet Hollywood. It was a very easy walk to the strip. It’s Vegas! Every minute is a sight seeing expedition. So the short walk was enjoyable.
TIP #3. Eat off the Strip. There’s an awesome restaurant in the Miracle Mile Mall called Oceans One. They have 3 for 1 cocktails, a 4.99 lunch menu and a dinner menu that is 12.99 or under. We ate their multiple times. There’s a Mexican food place called Nacho Daddy that is on East Harmon which is the road right behind Miracle Mile Mall. It’s cheap, good and open late. There are several inexpensive restaurants in the LINQ promenade. My advice is to avoid eating on the strip or inside a casino unless you want to splurge.
TIP #4. Sightseeing is free. So is people watching. There’s PLENTY of that in Vegas. We took an Uber down to Freemont Street. I could stare at the show on the ceiling for hours. There’s tons to see down there. It’s the original Vegas so it’s pretty interesting. Bellagio Fountains are a MUST see and every casino has something cool to see. Wear comfy shoes and enjoy the walk.
TIP #5. Drinks are free if you are gambling. Are they strong? NO but they are FREE. Don’t forget to tip your server.
I learned a lot during my virgin Vegas trip. A dream died. The slot machines don’t work by pulling the handle down. There’s a video of my sorrow below. HAHA! Although Vegas is expensive! It is fun and hopefully these tips can help you save money. I’d love to hear about any tricks you use to save money in Vegas!

Rehab Hard Rock Las Vegas

How cute is our bride?
Oceans One Las Vegas

Party bus. Provided by a club promoter
Chateau Nightclub

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