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   This summer we took our daughter and her friend on an 18th birthday trip to Los Angeles.  The girls wanted to do OUE Skyspace.  It’s California’s tallest open air observation deck and the highlight is a glass slide!  The slide is from the 70th floor to the 69th floor.  It’s 45 feet long, fully enclosed and all glass……1000 feet in the air! I’m afraid of heights so my chicken self can pass on that! LOL but the girls were really excited.

    I got online to buy the tickets and they were pretty pricy. $25 for an entrance ticket and $33 for a combo ticket (entrance and the slide).  I changed my google search to glass slide los angeles tickets and BINGO!!  I found http://www.rush49.com  where they have discounted tickets.  Entry was $17 and combo was $23!  I purchased them, had the hotel print them for me and we were on our way!

   We found the US Bank building fairly easily (thank you Google Maps!!) but parking was a tad tricky.  LA parking is limited so parking garages are different than any I have experienced before. You park in a space that may be blocking another car (or two) and give your keys to the valet, there’s usually one on every level, and leave.  Don’t do what I did and drive in circles looking for an open space not blocking anyone.  (smacks forehead)

    The Skyspace is really neat!  There’s a 56 story elevator shaft that you stand over and look down.  It has a light show.  There are several interactive displays that caught our attention.  The slide is a really fast ride.  So fast that I couldn’t get a picture of the girls coming down.  So keep that in mind if you decide to pay for the ticket.   There’s a bar and snacks available if you’d like to relax and enjoy the observation deck. I was excited to see these wings painted on the glass walls.  I read that they were painted all over town and I was going to track them down.  Score!  Big hit with my girls was a life size ipad for a selfie station!

    The views were incredible and it was a great experience!  As you leave check out the LA Library.  The grounds are really beautiful!  I would highly recommend checking it out!  But get the discounted tickets and SAVE MONEY!





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  1. Ugh, that looks so high and pretty pricey. Do you have city pass in Los Angeles? It’s probably cheaper if it’s included. 🙂

  2. Okay, first off, so cool! I love the place and the fact that you can see literally all of LA from here!

  3. This looks incredible and love the photos with the wings. You must have some guts to go up those heights

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