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#1 website I use to save money on Travel


    I am bursting to share with you all.  This is the number 1 way that I save on travel.  I go to this website before I go to any travel site.  I am talking about  This is my favorite way to save money.  Not only on travel but on all purchases.  A friend sent me a referral code a few years ago and explained it.  I was in heaven.  Here is my referral link so that you can get in on the savings too.  Heads up if you use my code and spend $25 through the website in the first year…we both get a BONUS!  You’ll get $10!!!    Here’s how it works.  You go to before going to the website that you are going to purchase or book through and they will tell you how much cash back you will earn and any coupons that are available.  With five kids this was a game changer at Christmas!!!!  Cha Ching!

   I am a rewards member.  Sounds fancy but it really isn’t.  lol  For every 10 nights you book through them you receive one night free.  One day I checked to see if was a partner of Ebates and I was BLOWN AWAY!   They give 1% back if you are a rewards member.  I know that doesn’t sound like a lot but in conjunction with the rewards program it adds up. I have earned two free nights with and that has saved me over $500!

    I started to explore the ebates site and found the category Travel and Vacations.  It was like fireworks went off in my room!  lol  All of my favorite travel sites were listed!

   I’ll mix and match the sites and the deals.  I also found that pays $10 a booking.  Living Social ( great for activities and excursions) is 4%.  Hotel Indigo, Holiday Inn, and Holiday Inn Express pay back 12%.  Even certain ticket companies, such as, offer cash back.

    I recently received a check for $21 dollars for a hotel stay and have received a total of $460.71 cash back for purchases that I was going to make anyways.  You can also opt to receive your cash back as a e-gift card and a lot of times they will give you an extra percentage for doing so.  (dependent on the store)

   I realize that this site isn’t going to make you rich but it will save you money and in this day and age every penny adds up!  I hope this post helps you save money on your travel! I’m posting a screenshot

#1 website I use to save money on travel
Check I received from a hotel stay.

from my ebates account that hopefully help! I’d love to hear about your experiences with!  Also, please join other penny pinching travelers and hit the follow button.  You’ll receive an email whenever a new post goes up!


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