Best family or couple excursion in Cancun-Xplor Riviera Maya

  We were in Riviera Maya/Cancun for a destination wedding and one of the highlights of the trip was our excursion to Xplor.  They sent a bus to our resort and picked us up.  The woman that was our guide was really upbeat and friendly.  I remember she told us that we were all fun and partying now but that we would all be quiet and asleep on the way back!

   Xplor is an adventure park.  They have daytime and nighttime excursions.  We chose night time. Which is called Xplor Fuego.  For this excursion you do need water shoes.   Don’t do what we did.  Forgot and then the night before we left for the trip we were running all over town looking for them.  Here’s a link to get them a LOT easier!

    We got there and they showed us where the dressing rooms and lockers were.  You got a little bungy (don’t know what they are called) type bracelet with your key on it.  Two people in our group lost them in the swim and panicked until they were (thankfully) found.  After this I bought these I think they would have been helpful.  The park is really cool.  There are hammocks and chairs everywhere.  We had a few kids in our group and the activities were suitable for them too.  Dinner was included but that was at the end of the excursion.  In between activities you could go get cookies.  Because, it was a nighttime excursion they served coffee, hot chocolate and champurrado, which is a traditional Mexican hot drink.  Delicious!

   We started with the cave rafting.  You use hand paddles to maneuver your raft.  You could do tandem or single.  Word of warning, every couple ending up arguing while doing this!  LOL  you definitely have to work together and trying to figure that out was challenging! It was fun to paddle through the ancient caves.  We ended up “steering” by pushing along the sides.  HAHA  We definitely could use some practice but it was really beautiful.

   Next, we decided to do the underground river swim.  It was actually a bit unnerving.  Although it was beautiful and glowed, you are still swimming in fairly deep water through an ancient cave.  At the end you came out under a waterfall.  A friend of ours is not a great swimmer (life vests are mandatory) and the addition of the waterfall had him frozen.  It was pretty comical!  I wish there was a camera there to catch that.  HAHA

    We did the amphibious vehicles next.  It was so much fun to drive through the jungle at night.  You splash through mud and puddles as you are driving.  Then you drop down into the caves.  The caves are lit up with torches and the paths are well marked so you won’t get lost.  This was an awesome part!  We were all laughing and having a great time.

    Our finale was ziplining through the jungle.  I really enjoy zip lining and have been to several different places.  This was the most strenuous zip line I have ever done!  You have to walk up BIG ramps, climb lots of stairs and even some spiral staircases to do it.  It was so worth it!!!  The cool thing is that the weight limit there was quite a bit higher than in the states so friends of ours that aren’t able to zip line back home were able to there.  Also, there were several where couples could go together.  There were nine zip lines and you end by going through a circle of fire and dipping into the water. It was great!

    We ended our evening with a great buffet at their restaurant.  The food was delicious and filling.  After eating we relaxed in the hammocks until our bus got there.  Our guide was absolutely right.  The ride back to the resort was silent and we were all crashed!  I HIGHLY recommend this excursion to anyone staying in the Cancun/Riviera Maya area.  You will NOT be disappointed.

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  1. This sounds like such a fun adventure! We are huge fans of zip lining, so we would love that. Not sure about doing a zip line with my husband, though! 🙂 Definitely worth putting on our list, though.

  2. Oh, I have a weird obsession with caves, and this one is the place I would love to go. It looks well organized tour, I should give it a try.

  3. Hey that’s really interesting. I wish there were more pictures. I have never tried amphibious vehicle yet. I am sure underground river swim and cave rafting would’ve been a great experience.

  4. WHoa! That is really fun! Sheila and I would definitely love this. We have been exploring caves—on foot. We would definitely try that rafting and ATV riding inside a cave. 🙂

  5. Save rafting, underground river swimming and jungle ziplining all sounds like the perfect activities I like to do! However, I have never actually considered doing them at night. Sounds (and looks) like quite a unique experience!

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