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As One Adventure Ends…..


Another begins.  These are my children and they are all adults now. Sniff.  I was a VERY young mom and a single mom for most of their childhood.   Amid work, housework, laundry, sports practice, sports games, cheerleading etc etc, I would dream of a world unseen. I, eventually, remarried and we blended our families together.  I’ll never forget the shock and despair that I felt when our home was empty.  I remember telling my husband that,” I had always been a mom and what was I without that identity?”  My oldest son said,” Mom, now it’s your time!  Go travel like you always wanted to but could never afford to do!”  As I have begun to travel, I am learning that exploring the world does not have to be expensive.  I want to help other people explore our beautiful world, by sharing pointers and tips that I use!  I wish I would’ve known these vacation “hacks” earlier, so I would’ve been able to start traveling earlier!   I hope you’ll join me as I go.

If you look like your passport photo, you probably need the trip! -Unknown

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