Loss and Realization

Yesterday, with tears in my eyes, I watched Notre Dame burn.  I couldn't look away.  I watched video after video and read articles about the fire and the urgency.  I reread articles about the gargoyles and the stained glass windows.  I felt the frantic fear and I watched in horror as the spire fell.  Notre... Continue Reading →

Don’t Let Rain Ruin Your Trip!

    No one plans for rainy weather on your vacation and I don't think anyone purposely goes on holiday to be rained on.  However, sometimes it happens.  I've experienced it in Mexico, Chicago, New York, Panama, Destin and New Orleans!  None of these were trips where I wanted it to happen.  I thought I... Continue Reading →


The Acropolis has been a dream destination of mine for over two decades. I remember reading about it in high school history. It has always been fascinating to me. I marvel at how they were able to build it. It's elevation is HIGH and the buildings are amazing. I, FINALLY, got to go to Greece... Continue Reading →

OUE Skyspace Los Angeles

   This summer we took our daughter and her friend on an 18th birthday trip to Los Angeles.  The girls wanted to do OUE Skyspace.  It's California's tallest open air observation deck and the highlight is a glass slide!  The slide is from the 70th floor to the 69th floor.  It's 45 feet long, fully... Continue Reading →

Empty Nester Christmas

    If you know me, you know that I LOVE Christmas!  OBSESSED with Christmas.  I start planning in the summer.  Everyone of my children has a themed tree.  We have a 12 foot tall Christmas tree in the family room(we call it the beast), a tree on the sideboard that only has picture ornaments... Continue Reading →

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